Funny Story In English - Mian Sheikh Chilli's Two Famous Funny Story

1. Funny Story In English - Mian Sheikh Chilli went to cut wood

Once Mian Sheikh Chilli went to cut wood with his friend in the forest. Seeing a big tree, the two friends climbed on it to cut wood. Mian Sheikh Chilli now started running horse of his thinking while cutting woods. He thought that I would cut a lot of wood from this forest. I will sell those wood in the market at good prices. In this way, I will gain a lot of money.

Funny Story In English - Mian Sheikh Chilli went to cut wood

I will become rich with this work in no time. Then I will keep a lot of servants to cut wood. I will start the business of furniture with cut wood. In a few days, I will become such a prosperous businessman that the king of the city will himself agree to get the princess married to me.

After marriage, we will go for a honeymoon and in a beautiful garden, the princess will raise her hand towards me. In the thought, lost Mian Sheikh Chilli, while thinking so, leaves the tree and starts moving his hands to actually hold the hand of the princess. Then suddenly he loses balance and he falls down on the ground. Mian Sheikh Chilli's leg fractures when falling from the heights and at the same time, his galimatias dreams are also broken.

2. Funny Story in English - Mian Sheikh Chilli went to steal

Once in the dark night, Mian Sheikh Chilli was going towards his house. People also used to call Mian Sheikh Chilli 'Allah'. Then suddenly four thieves passed by him. After slowly going close to the thieves, Mian Sheikh Chilli asked them where all of you are going this time. The thieves thought that Mian Sheikh Chilli is also a thief like them and clearly told him that we are thieves and are going to steal.

Funny Story in English - Mian Sheikh Chilli went to steal

Mian Sheikh Chilli thought that I should go with these people to learn something new. Thinking this, he told the thieves that take me with you too.

At first, the thieves refused Mian Sheikh Chilli, but after repeatedly pleading they took him along. The thieves decided to steal into a luxurious house in a residential area in which a single old lady lived. And then the four entered inside the house and followed Mian Sheikh Chilli. The thieves instructed him to do as they say and to be always hidden.

As soon as they came inside the house, the four thieves started searching for money ornaments and other valuables. This was Mian Sheikh Chilli's first theft and he was very excited. He thought that let me also find some valuables in the house and help the thieves.

While searching, Mian Sheikh Chilli reached to the kitchen of the house. There was a fragrance of cooking Kheer from there. Mian Sheikh Chilli's mouth became watery, the idea of stealing had now completely gone through his mind. Now he had to eat the cooking Kheer at any cost!

When Mian Sheikh Chilli reached near the stove, he saw that there was an old lady sitting on the chair nearby, who might have fallen asleep while cooking Kheer.

Mian Sheikh Chilli, lost in the thoughts of Kheer, forgot that he was a thief, he took Kheer in a plate and quickly started having it.

He was eating, then suddenly, hands of the old lady sleeping on the chair was straightened and waved out of the chair.

Mian Sheikh Chilli felt that the old lady would be hungry, that is why she was asking for Kheer raising her hand. With this noble thought, he filled a bowl with Kheer from the pot and put it in the old lady's hand. The sleeping old lady arose from the heat of the hot Kheer-bowl and started shouting thief, thief... People gathered around the neighbourhood as there was a noise.

Mian Sheikh Chilli and the thieves could not run outside of the house, so they hid in the house.
Soon a thief was caught. People started questioning him by beating?

Why did you come here?"

Allah knows!

What did you steal?"

Allah knows!

In this way, if people ask anything, the thief would reply the same - Allah knows!

People thought that let him go, though he is a thief, but in everything, he remembers Allah!

But then there was a hoarse sound. Mian Sheikh Chilli, who was hiding under two-storeys, jumped down and slapped the thief and said…

"You and your three companions have done all the misdeeds…. But you are putting my name in everything ..." Allah knows and Allah knows… brothers, I don't know anything, I accidentally came here… "

Then, People also discovered the other three thieves and began to smash them and taking advantage of the opportunity, Mian Sheikh Chilli escaped from there!


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