Kid's Story - Become Tree

Kid's Story - Become Tree

In the Vishwanath temple of Kashi, the Supreme Siddha Mahatma named Bharata Muni lived. One day he wished to see the gods located in the Tapovan border. He left to visit in the morning.

He felt tired in the afternoon. There were two plum trees nearby. He started resting under his shadow. He placed his head under a tree and put his feet in the root of another. After having rest for a while, the ascetic left from there. Both plum trees dried up within a week.

After drying, both trees took birth as two daughters in a house of a Pandit. A few years after birth, Bharatmuni was passing in front of the Pandit's house. On seeing him, both girls fell at his feet and quoted- "Mahatma ji! We have been saved by your grace. Because of you, we have renounced the life of the tree and attained human body."

Bharatmuni could not understand anything. He asked with amazement - "Daughters, how did I be kind to you. I don't know anything about this."

Hearing this, the two girls said- "Earlier both of us were the nymphs of Devraj Indra. There is a holy shrine called Chinnapap on the banks of river Godavari. Girdhari Muni was performing extreme penance there. Indra got scared of his penance and started fearing of his throne being snatched away. Ordered us to disturb the sage's penance."

We just went there and started dancing. This distracted the sage. He got angry and cursed that - 'Both of you become trees'. We held his feet and started apologizing. "

Mahatma Ji's heart got melted. He said - "I can tell you the way of curse salvation. He told that the curse will remain till Bharatmuni comes. After that you will be born as a woman and later you will be able to go to heaven." Listening to the girls, Bharatmuni blessed them and went their way. Both the girls left for Devaloka after some time.

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Moral: A great man has rightly said - "one should not interfere in one's work or else nature will do the same with you as you do."

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