Moral Story - The Needle Tree

In the olden times, there were two brothers who lived near a forest. The elder brother was very cunning towards his younger brother, ate all his food, and even took his all good clothes. One day, the elder brother went to a forest to collect some woods to sell in the market. As he proceeded cutting branches from one tree to another, he met a magical tree. The tree said to him, " hey! kind sir, please don't cut my branches, If you spare me, I will give you my golden apples. The elder brother agreed but he was disappointed with the number of apples given by tree. Greed overpowered him and he threatened the tree, If the tree would not give him more apples, he would cut off the entire branches of the tree. Instead of giving apple, the magical tree bombarded him with hundreds of small needles. The elder brother fell on the ground groaning in pain and slowly the sun started to fall. 

Here the younger brother got worried and set out in search of his elder brother, he found his brother with hundreds of needles on his body. He ran towards him and took out all the needles with great care and love. After taking out all the needles, the elder brother apologized for mistreating him and also promised to be a good human being.

The tree saw a change in elder brother's heart and gave all the golden apples, deu to which he never felt any shortage.

Moral: It's important to be humble and kind because it will always yeild good results.


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